ARM – Interactive Captive Portal – ICP™

ARM – Interactive Captive Portal – ICP is the extenstion to our ARM Passive WIFI Presence Analytics (PWPA) product. Now you can bring your clients directly into your event by creating an interactive element to your activation. You can create surveys, competitions, product signups, all while, when used in conjunction with ARM Passive WIFI Presence Analytics (PWPA™), means that you can fully track attendees at your location or even across multiple locations/activations and actually know your attendees.

This will allow you to have all your relevant data in a single location and interface.

All our products are running on the same ARM infrastructure ARMv6.


Our Interactive Captive Portal sensors maybe are small (about the size of a box of matches) but they pack a massive punch. They allow us when combined with our Passive WIFI sensors to track attendees at your events and they also offer the double opt-in feature. Clients can use these to know who attended their location along with offering custom web apps for clients to interact with (Surveys, product signups, Interactive sites).

  • Matchbox Sized

  • Works seemlessly with our Passive WIFI sensors

  • Build your own content delivery platform


Our fully reactive dashboard allows us to stream realtime data from all our products in a single interface, you can see how attendees are interacting with your activation along with the data from the captive portal (signups, questionnaire’s, etc).

We even show you the path a client will take from one sensor to another (even if they are in different physical location e.g. 1 sensor is in a shopping mall and a second sensor is in an auto dealership 50 miles away.

Auto Dealership Use Case

We were tasked by a client to see if we could measure people who viewed their latest car model in a local shopping mall and to measure how many did the activation drive to the local dealership.
We decided to take it one step further by having visitors Signup to the ICP and once we have the device register on the system we were able to notify the staff in the dealership when an attendee arrived in the dealership with their signup details (even 6 months after the attendee being in the Shopping mall).

  • Know who interacted with the Car

  • GDPR Compliant (double OPT-IN)

  • Notify staff in dealership of interest to purchase

Interactive Kiosk Use Case

With the advent of Covid-19 we tasked ourselves with coming up with a solution that would go some small way to help. With the proliferation of Interactive kiosks around the world and the fact that you have to touch them to operate them, we felt that we could marry our ICP with the kiosk operating system and by doing so we can allow a user to interact with the kiosk via their mobile phone (you never have to touch the kiosk screen.

  • Quick Serve Restaurants

  • Ticketing Kiosks

  • Hospitality & Transport Kiosks

Contact Tracing Use Case

With the new norm that Covid-19 is with us for a while, many clients have asked us to develop a contact tracing system.
By combining our Passive WIFI sensors with our Interactive Captive Portal, you can now have customers scan a QR code in your store / location and complete a short form. The added benefit is that if you have multiple locations a customer only needs to sign in once as they will already have registered their device on the network (they will just need to scan at each location).
The best part is you get the full analytics package for each of your locations.

  • Grocery Stores

  • Destinations/Hotels

  • Bars/Restaurants

Need something else?

If you are looking to add a new data source to your instance please do not hesitate in contacting us. We build everything based on client requests and feedback