World Cup Moguls Mont Tremblant


Measure and monitor footfalls along with providing real-time behavioural insights about their visitors to their management and stakeholders during the World Cup Moguls Mont Tremblant.

back story

During the 2020 event it was decided to measure both the effectiveness of having split activations between hotels and the sponsor activations of Toyota and Mackenzie and also crossovers and dwell time of the activations at the foot of the hill and in the resorts of Mont Tremblant.


We installed sensors throughout the resort and Activations where we measured how attendees interacted with the different elements and hotels within the resort.

Mapping visitor movement from entry to exit, including dwell time, engagement and crossover.


Using our latest sensors in extreme weather conditions (especially when compared to our home location) along with our latest capture algorithm we were able to capture more data than a leading competitor. Leading us to a multi-year agreement for measurement with the client.

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