Our Features


Spatial Intellegence Platform

You acquire the sensors from us and we provide the technology. This includes the updated liscencing for the software on the sensors, the dashboard, and unlimited reports


Multi-Client Mode

With our multi-client mode you can grant your clients restricted access the data from their campaigns, events and reports wile managing them all from one dashboard.


Captive Portals

Captive portals create the doors in which people use to enter your networks, giving up information abou tthemselves in order to do so. Here you join that data with other data that is picked up on the passive sensors to have a more detailed anaylsis.


White Labeling

Resell our services as your own, where you can brand the dasboard as your own and unlock special features to wow your clients


API Access

With our API you can programattically consume your data by hitting our restful endpoints, allowing you the ability to build custom tools and services to integrate our services with your technology.


Custom SDK

You can integrate our platform with your technology even furthur by using our SDK, allowing even more functionality with custom apps.

Need something else?

We’re honored to hear about your challenge and hope we can offer a few solutions