ARM – Interactive Captive Portal ID – ICPID™

ARM – Interactive Captive Portal ID – ICPID is the extenstion to our ARM Interactive Captive Portal (ICP) product. Now you can also include Identity Enrichment for each of your signed up attendees. The data includes a vast array of fields that will enrich each individual attendee record allowing you to target your clients like never before.

You can bring your clients directly into your event by creating an interactive element to your activation. You can create surveys, competitions, product signups, all while, when used in conjunction with ARM Passive WIFI Presence Analytics (PWPA™), means that you can fully track attendees at your location or even across multiple locations/activations and actually know your attendees.

This will allow you to have all your relevant data in a single location and interface.

All our products are running on the same ARM infrastructure ARMv6.


Our Interactive Captive Portal sensors maybe are small (about the size of a box of matches) but they pack a massive punch. They allow us when combined with our Passive WIFI sensors to track attendees at your events and they also offer the double opt-in feature. Clients can use these to know who attended their location along with offering custom web apps for clients to interact with (Surveys, product signups, Interactive sites).

  • Matchbox Sized

  • Works seemlessly with our Passive WIFI sensors

  • Build your own content delivery platform


Our fully reactive dashboard allows us to stream realtime data from all our products in a single interface, you can see how attendees are interacting with your activation along with the data from the captive portal (signups, questionnaire’s, etc).

We even show you the path a client will take from one sensor to another (even if they are in different physical location e.g. 1 sensor is in a shopping mall and a second sensor is in an auto dealership 50 miles away.

Identity Enrichment Data

The Identity Enrichment Data provides you with core demographic data about your customers and prospects. Use these insights to segment your customers and create targeted audiences based on common attributes.
The Identity Enrichment Data provides you with the most core information about your customers and prospects. This is especially useful for top level segmentation projects.

* Please note that we do not guarantee that every attendee will have complete data set.

  • Active Line of Credit

  • Age

  • Age of Householder

  • Age Range

  • Bank Card Holder

  • Bankruptcy

  • Birthday

  • Block Group

  • Blue Collar

  • Buying Income

  • Carrier Route

  • Cars in Household

  • Cash Value Balance of Household

  • Catalog Buyer

  • Catalog Buyer Apparel

  • Catalog Shopper (online, payment CC)

  • Centile in State

  • Centile in US

  • Children Present in the Household

  • City

  • Collectibles (plates, sports, etc)

  • Congressional District

  • Core Based Statistical Area

  • Country

  • Country Code

  • County Code

  • County Size

  • Credit Card Owner

  • Current Organization Name

  • Current Organization Title

  • Diet Concerns

  • Discretionary Income of Household

  • Divorced or Separated

  • DMA

  • Dwelling Type

  • Education Degree

  • Occupation

  • Education Name

  • Education Year

  • Electronics

  • Email Hash

  • Family Name

  • First Name

  • Full Name

  • Gender

  • Grandchildren

  • Hobby/Interest

  • Home Value Estimate

  • Homeowner

  • Homes Built since 2000

  • Household Income Estimate

  • Household with Children

  • Investments

  • Last Name

  • Linkedin Bio

  • LinkedIn URL

  • Living Status

  • Loan to Value Estimate (Home info)

  • Location General

  • Marital Status

  • Median Home Value

  • Median Household Income

  • Median Income by State

  • Middle Name

  • Mobile Home

  • Moved to Area since 2000

  • Multigenerational Resident

  • Music

  • Education Level

  • Net Worth Range

  • Online Purchaser

  • Own (ATV, Horse, Pool, etc)

  • Own a Cat/Own a Dog

  • Poverty Level

  • Purchase

  • Range of Debt of a Household

  • Reading

  • Region

  • Region Code

  • Religious

  • Retail Buyer

  • Retail Buyer Apparel

  • Retail Card Holder

  • Salaried professional

  • Seasonal Address

  • Single Family Home

  • Social Profile Photo URL

  • Social Profile Website Name

  • Social Profile Website URL

  • Socioeconomic Score

  • Sporting

  • Total Number of Adults

  • Total Number of Children

  • Total People

  • Tract Number

  • Travel

  • Twitter URL

  • Twitter Username

  • Vehicle Ownership

  • Years in Home

Need something else?

If you are looking to add a new data source to your instance please do not hesitate in contacting us. We build everything based on client requests and feedback