enabling West Bromwich Albion towards decision making.


Analyse the customers across two store locations- retail outlet in the Merryhill centre near Dudley and their megastore in their Hawthorns stadium. and see how much overlap there is between both sites.

back story

The priority for West Bromwich Albion is to understand the correlation of visitors between their two locations and to see how this differs between match days and non-match days  

Phase two will be to analyse both the external match day fan zone and the 22 concessions within the stadium and compare traffic, dwell time and crossover.

Phase three will consist of rolling the system out to the entire stadium in order to give full customer behaviour insights during match days.


This would be permanent installation and ARM sensors are being located at their retail outlets. This would follow up by over 75 sensors being installed within the stadium to understand visitor behaviour

Mapping visitor movement from entry to exit, including dwell time, engagement and crossover.


This is one of our permanent installations and is an ongoing project for the next number of months.
We are currently discussing the second phase of the installation where we will be installing circa 75 sensors within the concourse & concession areas of the stadium.

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